2009 Q4 Update/ Communications

Marco V Cigars had another great 3 months of business, continuing to grow organically. Here are some highlights from our fourth quarter:

- Marco V Cigars reached 50 retail locations nationwide. This was our 2009 goal.

- Marco V Cigars had 10 successful events at premium tobacconists and other venues.

- Marco V Cigars Co. had a great write up in multiple magazines and blogs

- Marco V Cigars launched its Chisel Head V. Gigante line of cigars

- Marco V Cigars has evolved its business into multiple divisions

- Marco V Cigars launched a 60 gauge accessories line

As humidors are crowded and the industry is saturated with great cigars, 50 reputable premium cigar tobacconists have put Marco V’s on their shelf. This speaks the value and quality of our cigars.

Going Forward

Marco V Cigars will continue to utilize events at premium tobacconists and other venues to get our product in the customer’s hand. We have ten more events scheduled in Q1. Customer reviews will also be vital to our business. This puts proof behind what we are selling and gives the customer confidence that they are buying a good product for a good value.

Marco V Cigars is outgrowing its current headquarters and will be soon moving into a bigger headquarters in downtown St. Paul. More details will be released on this in Q1. Marco V Cigars Co. continues to be dedicated to empowering the B&M cigar shops around the country. This is the foundation of the cigar industry and where cigars should be purchased. Marco V Cigars Co. strategy over the next 3 years will be to align with 100 B&M retailers around the country that are in line with our core competencies... We will cap it at 100 stores to focus on customer service, quality, and listening to what the customer wants.

Marco V Cigar Port

Our Marco V Cigar Port is currently held up awaiting government approval. We will be having tasting at a number of tobacconists when this is available. This is an exciting venture and will be well worth it when it is launched. Pre-orders of the Cigar Port are available but are limited as the first production run is limited. Shoot us an email if you are interested.


Marco V Cigars Co. launched a 60 gauge accessories line that can be purchased directly from our website. This was launched in response to customers expressing frustration that their current accessories were too small to support their 60 gauge cigar hobby. We’ve worked with Cuban Crafters, Blue Rhino, and Stinky’s Ashtrays to provide you high quality accessories that support 60 gauge cigars.

Chisel Head V. Gigante

In Q4, we launched the first new size to the V. Gigante line since the beginning of the business. This size addition was in response to the fact that our V. Gigantes, a fat 60 x 5 cigar, can be a jaw breaker. This new size is essentially a huge figurado. It is still a 60 gauge cigar but comes to a chiseled head at about a 54 ring gauge in the mouth.

Our Pipeline

Our V. Gigante line had its best quarter. All three blends are selling very well. We will continue to offer this three blend line (mild, medium, and meidum-full). We are developing a 4th blend to join the V. Gigante family which will be a unique shade grown wrapper on a true full bodied super aged pure ligero smoke.

In Q2, 2010 we will be introducing the Marco V Cigars Salomon that we have named “15”. This will be a one blend line and will be for special occasions. These will be only available at select retailers to start. This is a huge 60 x 7 smoke with all of the Marco V characteristics. The MSPR on this cigar is $8.

In Q3 2010 Marco V Cigars co. will offer a toro, torpedo, lancero and robusto in a special blend under a new brand called the M. VITO line. This is a new brand that will cater to our customers that love our blends but do not love the huge size.

Also in Q1, Marco V Cigars Co. will introduce our Marco V Aged Port – which is a full bodied dessert wine that was perfectly matched with both of our maduro smokes. This is a truly exciting venture that will make for a great gift or great addition to a holiday celebration. The same quality standards have been applied to our Port.

In 2010 we will introduce our Marco V “The DOM” Premium Coffee which was specifically matched and meant to be consumed with our Marco V Dom Grand Reserve V. Gigante cigar. You will absolutely love this combination. We guarantee it.

MARCO V CO (www.marcovco.com): Was launched in Q3. In the future, this will be our parent website that will hold the portfolio for all of Marco V’s products (Port, Cigars, Coffee, events, etc).

The Future

Marco V Cigars has established a solid and stable base in its infancy. It is that solid base that will be the launching pad for this exciting new business. We hope our customer base will continue to grow and they will find value and excitement in our brand and in our product lines. We will continue to establish credibility and come to a store near you.

Thank you for your business and continued support.