-Victor Vito, 1937


In 1909, an Italian immigrant named Victor Vito landed on American soil. Despite only having pennies to his name, Victor smoked a cigar to honor his pursuit of opportunity and success. Starting with that first cigar, a tradition was born. In the Vito family, cigars came to represent pride in accomplishments and optimism for the future -- and they still do. More than a century later, Victor Vito’s great-grandson Marco honors his heritage with Marco V Cigars. Marco and his team’s commitment to quality, flavor, and construction have established the company as a premier boutique cigar brand.

Too often, with mass-manufactured cigars, you don’t get what you pay for. Marco V cigars deliver a perfect smoke every time.

—Marco V., Founder
Every step in the Marco V cigar-making process is shaped by a drive for perfection. Farmers in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua tend their crops by hand, and the planting, harvesting, and curing are carefully guided by Marco V’s tobacco experts.
Dedicated research and testing have resulted in a leaf that cures with a rich, complex flavor. Each blend is aged for years to enhance the tobacco’s deep natural sweetness, and every bale is inspected six times before the cigars are rolled by hand -- never put through a machine. Quality still comes from the hands of artisans. After a final inspection, the cigars are packed and shipped around the world. Overseeing the entire supply chain guarantees that every Marco V cigar yields the perfect celebratory smoke. Victor Vito’s 1909 cigar represented pride in himself and his achievements. More than a century later, Marco V honors Victor’s legacy with the highest quality cigars on the market. Create your own tradition: salute your achievements and successes with Marco V cigars.