Cigar B&M Retailers Continue to get Abused
This article highlights the same issue that is plauging the cigar industry and the small business b&m owners that sell cigars.   With the outrageously high state taxes mandated by local governments, officals are essentially encouraging customers to buy their cigars online where they can by-pass the outrageous state tax.  This has the small business retailers screaming foul as not only do they have to pay an outrageous tax but they also are getting their customers driven to the Internet by the politicans that are wanting the tax.

The only option is to control the biggest online cigar retailers to collect the state tax that is due from the customers that bring the cigars into the state.  This would put everyone on the same playing field.

We, at Marco V Cigars, control the full supply chain of our cigars where if you were to buy them online or buy them from a retailer, you are going to pay the same price.  Unfortunately other manufactures do not do this which alienates the b&m retailers that they rely on to sell their cigars.