Corporations Dominating the Industry

We, at Marco V Cigars, believe that it is important to segregate ourselves and differentiate ourselves from the cigar brands that are owned by corporate conglomerates. With corporate conglomerates, the customer is given cigars that are produced at a mass level. The customer is passed on the cost of huge marketing campaigns, sales reps, huge distribution supply chains, etc. These are also the brands that are the easiest to counterfeit. I can't tell you how many times I have paid a lot of money to purchase one of these brands and have been disappointed. Below is a small list (many many more are controlled by corporations) of brands that are controlled by Corporations:

-EXCLUSIVE: C.A.O. Acquired by European Cigarmaker Henri Wintermans which is a part of the cigar division at Scandinavian Tobacco - a huge Tobacco Corporate Conglomerate in Europe.

-Imperial Tobacco which bought Ataldis (another huge cigar conglomerate) owns the following famous brands among many other brands:


H. Upmann


Romeo y Julieta

JR Cigars catalog

-General Cigar which is another huge cigar Corporation owns the following brands:



Don Thomas



Hoyo De Monterrey