Event Recap from September 2011

September has been a very active month for Marco V Cigars. We had a lot of great events where we had the chance to interact with Marco V fans and introduce our products to people who have not had a chance to try them. Here is a brief run down of the events we attended in September.

Lift Bridge Brewery - we provided our full line of cigars to complement the Hop Picking Event at the brewery in Stillwater, MN. This boutique brewery is one worth checking out.

Chateau St. Croix - we had a booth at the Chateau's Fall Festival where we were able to sample the pairing of our Marco V Cigars and Marco V Vintage Port

Charity Golf Tournaments - we were the cigar vendor for 3 charity golf tournaments in September where we were able to provide premium cigars to the golfers while also giving something back to the community.

Hillcrest Pro Am - This Friday, we are the cigar partner for the Morrissey Group who is hosting the Minnesota Pro Am at Hillcrest Country Club in St. Paul Minnesota

Minnesota Made - We were able to showcase our cigars, port, coffee, and glassware at this event that featured local companies with high quality products.

Titan Fest - this event in Maryland featured the Marco V Cigar and Vintage Port pairing among other premium cigar brands.