At Marco V we love the fact that you never see someone smoking a cigar that is in a bad mood.

Also, we believe that all successes, big or small, should be celebrated.  We want to embrace this.

In this season of giving we are launching a campaign that does exactly that.

We are teaming up with a local B&M to launch the #Giveacigar campaign.

Here is how it works.

If you notice someone (preferably someone who likes cigars) who you think deserves a cigar for a recent success, achievement, or accomplishment no matter how big or small --- simply send us a tweet, email, or Facebook post with the hashtag #Giveacigar and the reason why this person deserves it.  Send a direct message, email, or include it in your post with where you would like us to send the cigar to.

The B&M will then send one Marco V to that person with a handwritten note of congratulations from you.

There is a limit of one nomination per person and will be limited to the first 100 nominations.