Hand Written Note Received - Marco V Cigars

This is a hand written note that we received via the US mail.  In the digital age we live in where everything is email and electronic, I must say, it was fun receiving a hand written note.  Below is a transcript of what the note said.

September 2nd, 2012
To: Marco V Cigars

My name is T.B and you folks produce an amazing cigar(s).  I cut my teeth with your mild Marco V.  I then moved on to your medium and finally your Bold cigar.  Man now I know what I've been missing.  Each one has a character and development of its own as you smoke them.  I really enjoy the medium.  Great smooth start and burn.  The pepper over tones are wonderful with an overall well rounded finish to the cigar and palate.  A good glass of red wine or whiskey fits well with this cigar.  I like that its a local type of cigar because of you attending UST in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I know your brand is grwoing and right you are in a kind of grass roots way of advertising your cigars.  I feel very soon you will get a mention in say Cigar Press and then Cigar Aficionado.  I go to Stogies on Grand in St. Paul.  I always put in a good word for your cigars to those asking for advice on what to smoke.  Every person I talked to who smoked a Marco V all say the same, great smoke for the price.  I hope to see you folks at Stogies on Grand soon.  Word of mouth can be jsut as good as print ads.  Marco V Cigars are making a name for themselves.  Keep it up.  Please send me any print ads about your samplers and any other new cigars that you may be coming out with.  No I don't have a computer so you'll need to do it the old fashion way.  Yes I do smoke other cigars but it was your brand of cigars that gave me the guts to try other brands and have fun doing it. 

Thank you once again for introducing me to the family of Marco V Cigars.  Like the sign says over the humidor at Stogies.  - Cigars Good, Stress Bad -

Sincerely, T.B