Launch of the 60 Gauge Accessories

Since the birth of our company, we knew, and were reminded by a number of customers, that our 60 gauge Marco V Cigars (V Giangte Line) did not fit or work well with standard cigar accessories.

Here are some of the reasons why standard accessories do not work well with Marco V Cigars:

- Many cigar cases do not fit 60 gauge cigars (the holders are too small)

- Many lighters (single flame/non-wind resistant)have to work extra hard to get the perfect light on our fat cigar.

If the foot isn't properly lit - you will not experience the necessary burn that you should observe with Marco V Cigars.

- Many cutters are too small to cut the end of a 60 gauge cigar.

- Many ashtrays do not support a fat cigar - they are primarily made for cigarettes or smaller gauge cigars

All of these are understandable - but can be frusturating for fat gauge cigar smokers.

As a result, we teamed up with Cuban Crafters and Stinky's Ashtrays to offer only accessories that work well with 60 gauge cigars. These accessories can be purchased via our online store

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