Marco V Cigars - A Micro Lot Cigar Boutique

We at Marco V Cigars consider our company a micro lot boutique.

What is a micro lot boutique?

A micro lot boutique focuses strictly on the quality of the product by working with small batches or lots.

For our cigars...

We use small lots of high quality, low yielding tobacco for 3 main reasons. 1.) The big brands stay away from these tobaccos, despite being incredibly high quality tobacco, because the yield is too low to support the volume of cigars they produce. 2.) We can inspect every step of the cigar making process to ensure every single cigar that leaves our factory is the highest quality possible. 3.) We can create high quality, unique blends that you won't find anywhere else in the market.

For our Port...

Our grapes are grown in micro lots, grown on tiny farms in California, and inspected to ensure that only the highest quality grapes are brought back to the Chateau.

For our Coffee.

Our coffee is truly an Artisan coffee. We use only the very rarest of coffee beans grown on micro farms, processed in micro mills, roasted at a micro Roaster. Our coffee is only available in micro lots. It’s a specialty grade coffee that is at the very top of the quality and flavor scales.

In all three of our core products, quality is the main focus.

We hope you continue to find value in our products.


Marco V