Marco V Cigars - August 2020 Update

Marco V Cigars - August 2020 Update

People often ask me what is Marco V or what does it represent.

Our brand represents and embodies the grind/ the hustle.   It is for the guy that has that burning fire in his body to do great things.   The motivation and drive to become something special.  Obstacles, failures, and roadblocks are just learning opportunities that help shape and define the path for success. This was the same fire that my great grandfather Victor Vito had when he came to the United States in 1909.  This is the fire I have.  This is Marco V. 

Share with me what you think Marco V means to you.  Shoot me an email

As for cigars...

It is hard to believe it is already August!  The weather in July was absolutely ideal for smoking cigars.  

We continue to be really excited about our Marco V Privato line.   Currently my favorite cigar is our Marco V Palladium.   It is a shaggy foot toro that has the most complex flavor I have experienced in a cigar.   We spent endless hours creating this blend and I hope you enjoy this cigar as much as I do.

What is your favorite cigar from our Privato line?   

The Black Sapphire


Dom Prive


These cigars are only available in stores and not available online.   If a store near you does not carry them, drop us a line via email and we can facilitate getting you some!