Marco V Cigars Co.'s Minnesota Favorites

Minnesota gets brought up a lot on this blog. Minnesota is the home of our headquarters and where the majority of our founding retailers are based.

I bring Minnesota up in this blog post because I love this place and wanted to share a few of my favorite boutiques, restaurants, and shops with you that are all based here in Minnesota.

Like Marco V Cigars, these shops are not chains but unique, boutique type shops that have personality and an interesting appeal.

- Surdyks
- I Nonni
- Heimie's Habadashury
- Kramarczuk's
- Paul's Market and Catering in Eveleth, MN
- Cossetas
- The Olive Grove Olive oil
- Brit's pub
- Yarussos
- Rizzo's
- Surly
- Marx Wine Bar

I have obviously missed a ton of great shops - but these are just a few of my favorites.