Marco V Cigars - July Update

Marco V Cigars - July Update


I was talking to my Dad the other day and said that it's hard not to marvel at how swiftly time seems to pass. The days blur into weeks, the weeks into months, and before we know it, we find ourselves already in mid July looking back at all of great memories we have made interacting with you through Marco V in 2023. 

It seems like just yesterday we were setting ambitious goals and making plans for the year ahead. Yet here we are, already well into the calendar, marveling at the journey we've undertaken. Time's fleeting nature serves as a reminder to cherish each moment and embrace the opportunities that present themselves along the way.

Marco V has achieved a couple notable accomplishments thus far in 2023.  After 14 years in business we just hit record sales in our distribution channel as well as our online store.  From the very beginning, we set out to create a brand that would not only captivate cigar aficionados but also redefine the industry itself. With unwavering dedication to quality and complete control of the supply chain, we have seen our vision come to life, resonating with customers far and wide. Our commitment to crafting exceptional cigars, coupled with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, has propelled us into an international brand.

One of the key factors behind our success lies in the meticulous care and attention we devote to every aspect of our cigar production. From the selection of the finest tobacco leaves to the expert craftsmanship exhibited by our skilled Torcedors, we have spared no effort in ensuring that each cigar embodies our unwavering commitment to quality. It is this commitment that has earned us the loyalty of our valued customers and positioned us as a renowned name within the industry.

Reflecting on these milestones, we cannot help but express our gratitude to you -our loyal customers. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm have been instrumental in propelling our company to where it is today. It is your appreciation for the craftsmanship, the distinct flavors, and the unparalleled experience offered by our cigars that has fueled our success. We are truly humbled by your trust in our brand and remain committed to surpassing your expectations with every cigar we create.

With gratitude in our hearts, we look forward to the future, knowing that our journey has just begun and that the best is yet to come.


- Marco V