Marco V Cigars November Update

Marco V Cigars November Update

As the weather turns cooler we like to look for places where we can fully enjoy a Marco V without freezing.   A bonfire, a heated garage, a favorite lounge, or a private room designed for cigar smoking are places I enjoy.   

This also is a time where I find myself switching to our triple maduros as they pair so nicely with our Marco V Red.   When it gets cold, I find myself drinking a lot of wine.  If you like red wine I strongly urge you to try this pairing.   I am blown away by this wine.   By itself, it is a full bodied, rich cab exploding with flavor.   The profile and complexity changes when you pair it with our triple maduros.   

A couple items to note....

Since we are entering our holiday season.  All of our sampler packs will come with a gold foil bow in an enclosed transparent box.   This is a nice presentation if you choose to gift a sampler pack to a loved one.

We have been getting a lot of requests to purchase our black sapphires online due to COVID limitations.   Reach out to us by email and we can work with you on this request. 

As always, thank you for your brand loyalty and passion for Marco V's.  It is because of you that we pour so much time into making sure each cigar is a piece of art.   This mindset is derived from our painstaking emphasis on quality coupled with our blends that present some of the most unique flavors in the industry.

- Marco V, President Marco V Cigars.