Marco V Cigars - The Brand

What does the big giant "M" represent? What is behind the Marco V Cigars brand?..

Marco V Cigars Co. is the premium cigar industry's large gauge cigar specialist.

We are the only company to specialize in only large gauge cigars.

We put an absolute premium on quality by going as far as to GUARANTEE the quality on every single Marco V Cigar that leaves the factory.

We are a company that is designed to preserve the boutique nature of a business in an industry that is dominated by HUGE CORPORATE TOBACCO CONGLOMERATES.

We are establishing a portfolio of only 100 unique Premium Tobacconists around the country that we believe are in line with the mission and values of Marco V Cigars.

We take traditional blends dating back to the 1950's and combine them with unique sizes. (IE. The V. Gigante, and the Chisel Head V. Gigante)

Our business was launched to also empower the tax abused premium cigar smoker. We proved this by launching in a state that observes a 70% tobacco tax - yes 70% in MN.

We sincerely appreciate your business and hope to provide high quality Marco V Cigars for many years to come.

Marco V. Keiser
President, Marco V Cigars Co.