Marco V Cigars to Appear at the Summit

Marco V Cigars to Appear at the Summit

We are very exited to participate in the Midwest Cigar Summit this year.

The Midwest Cigar Summit takes place July 27-28th 2012.

This event benefits the Cigar Rights of America.

The Midwest Cigar Summit is proud to announce that Marco V Cigars will be available at the 2012 Midwest Cigar Summit. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and Santiago, Dominican Republic, Marco V Cigars are one of the hottest brands in the country.

Marco V has an exclusive farm in La Canela which lies near the River Mao just west of Santiago, Dominican Republic. La Canela is widely known in the cigar industry to produce the highest quality cigar tobacco in the world. Not one leaf from this exclusive farm is used by any other cigar brand. Due to the location, their exclusive farm is only accessible by horseback and has the ideal combination of soil and weather. These factors foster the perfect environment for growing the tobacco that produces the unique and consistent flavors of Marco V Cigars. With their vertically integrated cigar factory, they control the entire process of the cigar making from seed to smoke. Their engineers control the leaf that is grown in the field, their tobacco processors control the aging, fermenting, and processing of the tobacco and their Master Blender controls the blending and rolling of their premium cigars. Everything is done by hand.

These cigars provide you with an outstanding smoke at a very affordable price. Stay tuned for more information on Marco V Cigars, and some unique promotions we’ll be running at the Summit!