Marco V Cigars - Year in Review 2010

In our sophomore year of 2010, business was up over 250% YOY. We hope to continue the momentum in 2011. Here are some highlights from 2010:

- Marco V Cigars reached 75 authorized retail locations nationwide in 11 states
- Marco V Cigars Platinum Blend has been accepted by Cigar Insider for a vertical line review
- Marco V Co. launched its Marco V Vintage 2007 Port
- Marco V Cigars launched its M. Vito x Marco V brand
- Marco V Cigars launched JTK Distributors
- Marco V Cigars launched a Glassware product line
- Marco V Cigars created the After Dinner Experience®
- Marco V Co. launched Marco V TV
- Marco V Co. moved into its International Headquarters in Downtown Minneapolis
- Marco V Cigars core brand 60 gauge V. Gigante continues to grow every quarter

As humidors are crowded and the industry is saturated with great cigars, 75 reputable premium cigar tobacconists have put Marco V’s on their shelf. This speaks to the value and quality of our cigars.

Going Forward

Marco V Cigars wants to create an interactive relationship with our customers. In 2010, we have created different platforms for customers to share, give feedback, and comment on all things Marco V. These platforms include Marco V TV on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Customer reviews will also continue to be vital to our business. This puts proof behind what we are selling, and gives the customer confidence that they are buying a good product for a good value.

Also in 2010, we moved into our new International Headquarters in Downtown Minneapolis. Everyone is welcome to stop by our office, drink a cup of coffee, ask questions about the business, and learn about what we are doing. Send us an email and we will set up an appointment. We are working on securing a private space in the area to act as our smoking lounge.
Marco V Cigars Co. continues to be dedicated to empowering the B&M cigar shops around the country. This is the foundation of the cigar industry and where cigars should be purchased. Marco V Cigars Co. strategy over the next 3 years will be to align with 100 B&M retailers around the country that are in line with our core values. We will cap it at 100 stores to focus on customer service, quality, and listening to what the customer wants.

Marco V Cigar Dom Café

In 2011 we will introduce our Marco V “DOM” Espresso Roasted Coffee Beans which are intended to be paired with our Marco V Dom Grand Reserve cigar blend. It is a deliciously satisfying combination in flavors. This is the second product launch in our paired industry category, the first being our Marco V Vintage Port paired with our Platinum Grand Reserve blend. In 2012, we will pair our Brazilian Grand Reserve blend with a Dominican Rum.


In 2010, Marco V Co. launched our Glassware product line. The inspiration behind this launch was the fact that we wanted glassware that was different from what the women in our lives were using. We sought out high quality, unique glassware specifically designed to accompany our Marco V products. Our first launch in this category was our 16th century Port glasses. The next launch will be our thermo espresso glassware. In 2012, we will introduce our oversized rum and scotch snifters.

Marco V CAM

In 2011, we will launch a new size and blend combination under the M. Vito x Marco V brand. This will be the same shape as our Fabuloso Cuban Perfecto but it will be about half the size. We will use an incredibly high quality Dominican longfiller blend and binder and will wrap it with a sweet Cameroon wrapper. As with all of our cigars, our MSRP on this cigar will be $6.

The Future

Marco V Cigars has established a solid and stable base in its infancy. It is that solid base that will be the launching pad for this exciting new business. We hope our customer base will continue to grow and find value and excitement in our brand and products. We will continue to establish credibility and come to a store near you.

Thank you for your business and continued support.