Marco V Cigars Year in Review and Glimpse into 2012

2011 marked our 3rd year of business where we saw growth of 75% over 2010. Here are some highlights from 2011:

HIGHLIGHTS from 2011
- Marco V Cigars reached over 140 authorized retail locations nationwide in 18 states
- We opened our first national Marco V Branded Cigar Lounge in Downtown St. Paul, MN
- Marco V Cigars launched the Marco V Havana Box Pressed Robusto
- We launched the Marco V Dom Gourmet Café paired with the Marco V Dom Cigar
- Marco V Co. held the 2nd Annual Marco V Classico Golf Tournament
- Marco V Co. was featured in the prestigious Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine
- We revealed the new Crest of Marco V Co.
- Marco V Cigars held the first annual National Marco V Day.
- We attended our 3rd IPCPR Convention in Las Vegas
- We revealed our collection of Premium Men’s Glassware
- A vertical line review was conducted on the Marco V Platinum blend by Cigar Insider

Even though humidors are crowded and the industry is saturated with great cigars, over 140 reputable tobacconists have filled their large gauge cigar void with Marco V’s. This speaks to the value and quality of our cigars.

We have a lot of exciting things coming in 2012 that will not only diversify our portfolio but also complement the products that we currently offer. One debut that is coming soon will be the 2012 launch of our MV NFUZE (infused) cigars. Under this brand we are marrying the current products in our portfolio. Our first releases under this umbrella will be the Vintage 2007 Porto infused Cigar, the Dom Gourmet Café infused cigar, and the MV Cognac infused cigar.

In late 2012 will be introducing the first large gauge high-end premium brand called the Marco V Vintage X. The first release will be the 1812 and will be only available in the Salomon size format. Each release from this brand will be extremely limited and each bundle will be numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Also, in the highlights of 2011 we mentioned that we launched the first National Marco V Cigar Lounge in Downtown St. Paul, MN. In 2012 will be announcing two other national Marco V Cigar Lounges. More details on this will be released in January of 2012.

Marco V Co. values each customer and their input no matter if it is positive or constructive. We have created different platforms for customers to stay informed, share, give feedback, and comment on all things Marco V. These platforms include Marco V TV on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Customer reviews will also continue to be vital to our business. This puts proof behind what we are selling, and gives the customer confidence that they are buying a good product for a good value.
In 2012, we will be expanding Marco V TV. Here you will see a virtual factory tour of the Marco V Cigar Factory, Tobacconist interviews, product reviews, product launches, etc. Marco V TV can be accessed directly from the homepage of

Marco V Cigars Co. continues to be dedicated to empowering the B&M cigar shops around the country. This is the foundation of the cigar industry and where cigars should be purchased. Marco V Cigars Co. strategy over the next 3 years will be to continue to align with B&M retailers around the country that are in line with our core values. We will continue to monitor this portfolio to focus on customer service, quality, and listening to what the customer wants.

We have established a solid and stable foundation in our first 3 years of business. It is that solid base that will be the launching pad for this exciting new business. We are confident that our customers will continue to find value and excitement in our brand and products. We will continue to establish credibility and hope to come to a store near you.

Thank you for your business and continued support.