Marco V Classico Name Adjustments

We have made some adjustments to the names of our Marco V Classico blends.

The Marco V Dom 60 Ring Gauge will now be called the Diamond.

The Marco V Brazilian 60 Ring Gauge will now be called the Gold.

The Platinum Fabuloso 52 x 6.5" will now be called the Riviera.

But why?!?!?!??

We had multiple cigars with with the same name and that created confusion when customers were looking for a specific cigar.  We want to treat each blend/size combination as unique cigar resulting in us giving them their own individual name.

Here are the names and sizes now within our portfolio:

Marco V Classico 

Size: V. Gigante 60 x 5"
- Diamond (mild)
- Platinum (medium)
- Gold (full)

Size: Fabuloso 52 x 6"
- Dom (mild)
- Riviera (medium)

Size: Lancero 38 x 7"
- LaCanela (mild)
- Seville (medium)

Marco V Prive' 

Size: 64 x 6" Box Pressed
- Prive' (medium) *new*

Size: 52 x 6" Box Pressed
- Black Sapphire (full)

Size: 50 x 5" Box Pressed
- Havana  (medium) 

King 66 x 10"
- Kingdom (mild)
- King V (medium)

Maduro (Medium)
- Toro
- Gordito
- Churchill
- Torpedo

Natural (Mild)
- Gordito
- Churchill
- Torpedo