Marco V Dom Cafe - Launch April 15th

Marco V Cigars is very excited to announce the launch of the next product in our portfolio.

We will be launching the Marco V DOM Cafe on April 15th, 2011!

The Marco V Dom Cafe paired with our Dom Grand Reserve cigar blend is our second release in our Paired Products portfolio. The first was was Marco V Vintage Port 2007 paired with our Platinum Grand Reserve cigar blend.

Press Release:

The Marco V Dom Cafe - We choose only the most flavorful, exotic, artisian grown Arabica beans from the finest farms in the Domincian Republic and other renowned coffee producing regions. We carefully blend and roast the beans in small batches to give you a coffee that exhibits rich flavors, subtle complexities and uncompromising quality. The Marco V Dom Cafe has been masterfully paired to balance and complement the flavor of the Dom Grand Reserve cigar by Marco V Cigars. Pair these two products together or enjoy this coffee by itself.

We are as passionate about coffee as we are about cigars. Through our connections in the Dominican Republic and the gourmet products trade we were able to craft our own coffee blend to be a perfect complement to our cigars.

The first bags will be available at the Golden Leaf Cigar Shop in St. Paul, MN and will retail for $10/12oz bag. Being that our product is Carbon Negative, this coffee will also be availble in gourmet/natural food grocers.

This coffee will also be availabe on our website

The Vintage Port 2007 launched in April of 2010, and has been a big success and we hope that our coffee will have the same impact on the marketplace.


Marco V