Marco V King 66 x 10" Event at Little Havana

At the IPCPR 2012 we debuted the Marco V King from our Vintage X line which is a huge 66 x 10 inch premium hand made cigar. The cigar burns between 3 and 4 hours.

Check out this beautiful woman smoke the Marco V King on MarcoVTV:

In the near future, Little Havana in Anoka will be hosting a Marco V King smoke down event 

Marco V Vintage X line:

The smoke down event works like this...Each contestant pays $20 to enter the contest. Everyone is issued 3 cedar matches and a huge Marco V 10X66 King cigar! The first person to smoke the cigar down to 1 inch is the declared winner. The pot value is determined by how many participants we have. The value is 1/2 of all the entrance fees. So in essence, there is $10 of prize money for each participant.