Marco V's New Micro Batch Café

The Marco V Dom Café is truly an Artisan coffee.   We use only the very rarest of beans.  It’s a specialty grade coffee that is at the very top of the quality and flavor scales.

Our brand new micro batch blend of Marco V Café features beans from Nicaragua's central mountain region of Nueva Segovia.

The Marco V Dom Café is grown on Micro Farms, Processed in Micro Mills, Roasted at Micro Roasters, it’s only available in Micro Lots.  

The quality and flavor are the only focus with these coffees.
Our local Micro Roaster has an old world, German built, all cast iron, roaster that is operated by Kevin, who has over 20 years experience roasting coffee.

Marco V Dom Café is currently available in whole bean, 12oz. bags for $10 each. 

It is available at Casa De La V