Our DOM Cafe

Some common coffee brands that might come to mind are Folgers, Maxwell House, Hills Brothers, MJB and a few others.
These brands use beans called Robusta. Robusta beans are at the low end of the quality and flavor spectrum.

Some familiar coffee brands that people might consider to be better than the brands that use Robusta are Caribou, Starbucks, Camerons, and McGarvey’s to name a few. These are considered Arabica coffees and they would be a bit higher up on the quality and flavor scales than Robusta.

However, these are all commercial grade, commodity based coffees that only come in 37,000 pound containers and because the margins are so low, they have to focus on one thing…VOLUME.

The Marco V Dom Café is truly an Artisan coffee. We use only the very rarest of coffees. It’s a specialty grade coffee that is at the very top of the quality and flavor scales.
Grown on Micro Farms, Processed in Micro Mills, Roasted at Micro Roasters, it’s only available in Micro Lots.
The quality and flavor are the only focus with these coffees.
The beans that make up the Dom Café are grown in 5 different countries: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Columbia. These beans were specifically blended to go with a Marco V Dom Cigar.
Our local Micro Roaster has an old world, German built, all cast iron, roaster that is operated by Kevin, who has over 17 years experience roasting coffee.

Marco V Dom Café is currently available in whole bean, 12oz. bags for $10 each.