Q1 Review/ Communication

Marco V Cigars has had a great first 3 months of business. Here are some highlights from our first quarter:

- Marco V Cigars gained retail presence in major premium cigar tobacconists in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

- Marco V Cigars have received positive reviews from reputable cigar blogs.

- Marco V Cigars has reached customers in 20 states

As humidors are crowded and the industry is saturated, reputable premium cigar tobacconists are putting Marco V’s on their shelf. This speaks the value and quality of our cigars.

Going Forward

Marco V Cigars will continue to tap into reputable blogs to convey an objective review of our products to the customer. This puts proof behind what we are selling and gives the customer confidence that they are buying a good product for a good value.

Marco V Cigars has now started their Midwest push. In the next 3 months you will see Marco V Cigars in states like Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas and Michigan. We have also picked up a rep in Las Vegas – so look for our cigars in Sin City.

We have also reached an agreement with a local rep to get our product in to the clubhouses of some of Minnesota’s premiere golf courses.

The Economy

The SCHIP tax has kicked in – Minnesota has one of the highest tobacco taxes at 70% and now the FDA is looking at regulating tobacco products. Despite all of these variables, Marco V Cigars will continue to offer retailers a great deal for our cigars – and also provide our direct customers premium large cigars for a small price. This company was built in the heart of the recession and will succeed in its wake.

Our Pipeline

In Q1 we introduced our 3rd blend “The Dom” which will accompany the “Platinum” and “Brazilian” in our Grand Reserve line of cigars. All 3 of these blends are 5 inches x 60 gauge in size. We are looking at introducing a toro and robusto to our Platinum blend.

In late 2009 and early 2010 we will introduce our Marco V Vino – which is an explosive red from Sonoma wine country in California.

Later in 2010 we will introduce our Marco V “MMX” Single Malt Scotch which goes together wonderfully with all three of our blends of cigar.

The Future

Marco V Cigars has established a solid and stable base in its infancy. It is that solid base that will be the launching pad for this exciting new business. We hope our customer base will continue to grow and they will find value and excitement in our brand and in our product lines. We will continue to establish credibility and come to a store near you.