Review from Cigar Posse

The Marco V Grand Platinum Reserve in Gigante cigar review.


Pre-light: This cigar has a hefty dense pack, almost invisible seams, a veiny, lumpy appearance, with a double cap, and a sheen, toothy, milk chocolate wrapper . It has a nice humidor aroma with hints of coffee and pepper that tingles the nose. A excellent feel. I'm brewing up a pot of coffee to accompany the cigar.

First third: First light reveals a nice smooth easy draw with flavor notes of a sweet coffee, cedar, and a hint of a cinnamon spice. A unique blend, to say the least. The finish is short and leaves a slight pepper tingle through the nose and back of the tongue. The constuction is flawless, burn is razor sharp with a thick, rich, and smooth smoke. The ash is grey and tight and is holding on since the intial light. Zero problems. It has a medium to full body and strength. It has a large ring gauge (6x60), the burn is slow and it will take at least an hour and a half to complete. Very Nice!

Second third: A slight transition into the second third. The flavors are consistant of the first third but has added a slight musty-aged tobacco flavor. A nice addition. Finish is short and clean with a slight pepper spice. The cigar is pairing perfectly with the dark roast coffee i'm consuming, enhancing the flavor of the cigar and cup of joe. Very pleasing. The construction is perfect, with a razor sharp burn and plumes of rich, smooth smoke. The ash remains very tight, hanging on since the initial light. Masterfully made. Still a solid medium to full strength/body. So far, a very enjoyable blend.

At the band: Flavors remain consistant and experiancing no futher changes. Which is no problem due the fact I enjoy the flavors. Finish remains the same with the pepper spice being the main attribute. Constuction remains absolutely perfect with a razor sharp burn and not a single issue. The ash just fell off with two inches remaining. Pretty impressive! The strength and body are a medium to full throughout the cigar. An extremely well made and smoker friendly cigar. With an inch remaining i'm going to end it due to heat and dropping of flavors (hot tobacco). Burn time: 1 hr. 35 mins.

Summary: This is a great cigar with a supurb value for around a meager $6 USD. It compares with most $10 USD sticks and has it's own unique flavor. The construction is perfect, the flavors are pleaasant, and is probably the best value in the industry. I reccommend buying a couple next time your at the B&M. This is a boutique cigar but are easily found in Minnesota because they are a locally owned product. Give this cigar a test drive, you will not be dissapointed. I give this cigar a 9.2 out of 10 due to value and constuction.

Price Point: Around $6 USD for all sizes!