Review of the Marco V Cam - Cameroon Reserve

Marco V Cameroon (Limited Release)    Date: October 22, 2012
Wrapper:  Cameroon

Binder:  Dominican Republic

Filler:  Dominican Republic

Size:  Fabuloso (Figurado) 6” X 52

Strength:  Mild - Medium

Today I am presenting more of my interview with Marco Vito of Marco V Cigars.  Thanks to Marco for the interview and Stogies on Grand in St. Paul, Minnesota, for permitting it during the Marco V event on September 22.  I also want to thank my son, Eric, for technical support.  In no way does the granting of an interview influence my reviews of Marco V cigars.  The cigars were purchased by me, not provided by Marco V nor by Stogies on Grand.

Marco shared the story of the Limited Release Cameroon:  “The first retailer that we knew we had a connection with was this shop, Stogie’s on Grand.  They were the first to put in an order for Marco V cigars.  That was the start of the Marco V brand.  We wanted to commemorate that with a special cigar.  We were able to get our hands on some aged Cameroon wrapper that we are very proud of.  They like the fabuloso shape here.  We put the Cameroon wrapper on a unique Dominican blend, stronger than our Dom.  We are almost sold out of the special limited release.  It’s a onetime deal."

Wolfie:  “You’re not going to do a mass production of the Cameroon?”

Marco:  “Right.  It’s not widely known in the general public, but they aren’t growing Cameroon wrapper in Cameroon.  The Cameroon that has been harvested is in aging houses in Nicaragua and elsewhere.”

Wolfie:  “I’m disappointed.  I love that cigar.  It has lots of flavor.”

Marco:  “I’m not saying we won’t bring it back.  But it isn’t the easiest wrapper to get your hands on.  If we can get more of it we will bring it back.  It’s lots of fun playing around with different blends.”

The Marco V Cameroon featured a light brown toothy wrapper.  The wrapper had an earthy, woodsy aroma.  The cold draw was earthy with a hint of sweetness.  When lit the cigar presented a subtle, but delicious flavor profile.  While I usually prefer stronger, more full-bodied smokes, I do enjoy a good Camie once in a while.  And the Marco V Cameroon is a good Camie.  Notes of nuts, cedar, butter cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg mixed and mingled on an earthy bed of flavor.  The cigar was subtle in its complexity, a delicious and delightful smoking experience.

The draw was perfect.  Marco explained the reason why:  “As a boutique brand we strive for quality over quantity.  For quality control purposes we draw test every Marco V cigar.  Most cigar companies test only one in ten.  Each cigar must score at least a 9 (of 10) or it is thrown out.  That is why you get a great draw on our cigars.”

The burn was razor sharp, once it got past the fluted foot of the cigar.  It seems it is hard for me to get a perfect light on most figurados.  With one touch up the cigar burned great.  It produced a nice cloud of woodsy, aromatic smoke.  The medium gray ash held to more than an inch.

I do hope Marco can get his hands on more Cameroon wrapper so this cigar can have greater exposure.  For now you’ll have to head to Stogie’s on Grand in St. Paul to enjoy this first-rate Cameroon stick.