Review of the Marco V Dom LaCanela Lancero

Marco V Dom Date: October 15, 2012

Wrapper: U. S. A.

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Size: Lancero 7” X 38

Strength: Mild

With today’s interview I present more of my interview with Marco Vito of Marco V Cigars. Thanks to Marco for the interview and Stogies on Grand in St. Paul, Minnesota, for permitting it during the Marco V event on September 22. In no way does the granting of an interview influence my reviews of Marco V cigars. The cigars were purchased by me, not provided by Marco V nor by Stogies on Grand.

I asked Marco how he decided on the Dominican Republic as his base for making cigars. He shared a bit of his personal history: “We had travelled to the Dominican Republic for family vacations. I first became interested in cigars when I saw the artistry of how they were made. My mom and sister would go to the beach while my dad and I would go to cigar factories. There is a true art in putting together the binder, the filler, and the wrapper. An absolutely perfect cigar will burn perfectly. When we were ready to start our own business we did look at Honduras and Nicaragua but the response we got in the Dominican Republic was what drew us to locate there. I’m not saying it is better; it just complimented what we wanted to do. We found a renovated house to use as our factory.

Wolfie: I understand your farm is not accessible by motorized vehicles.

Marco: “Yes. It is completely segregated from roads. It is a very desirable farm, but not accessible by motorized vehicles. We have to go in by horseback. The farming is very manually intensive to get the product harvested and into aging rooms. The farm is in La Canella, an area known for high quality tobacco. Not one leaf from this exclusive farm is used in any other cigar brand. Our exclusive plot of land is monitored by the mist filled mountains in a location only accessible by horseback. The wind and rain combination in the area fosters the perfect environment for the unique and consistent flavors of Marco V Cigars. Our vertically integrated cigar factory means that we control the entire process of the cigar making from seed to smoke. Everything is done by hand.”

The Marco V Dom Lancero caught my eye with its beautiful golden wrapper, an authentic Connecticut leaf, set off by the simple black and gold Marco V band. It had a few visible veins. The Lancero was capped by a tight pigtail that looked like a turban on the head of the cigar.

The wrapper delivered a scent of sweet cream while the foot offered notes of sweet cedar and earth. My cold draw brought a hint of vanilla on a bed of sweet cream. Once lit the cigar was tasty, though certainly one-dimensional. I have been told by many regular Connie smokers that they prefer a simple, straight ahead cigar. The Dom certainly fit that description. The flavor was sweet and creamy with hints of vanilla, earth, and cedar. The finish was my favorite part of the flavor profile, very buttery. The Dom was very mild, much milder than the cigars I usually smoke. It was a pleasant change of pace for me.

The Lancero was a surprisingly slow burning stick, providing more than an hour of enjoyment. The draw was easy. The burn was razor sharp, absolutely perfect. The ash was light gray and held to about an inch and a half. I don’t smoke many Connies, but the Marco V Dom is one I will try again. I recommend it for lovers of creamy Connies and for beginning smokers.