Review of the Marco V Havana

Check out this review of the Marco V Havana

Reviewer: Wolfie

Marco V Havana Date: October 29, 2012

Wrapper: Ecuador (H2000)

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Robusto 5” X 50 (Box-Pressed)
Strength: Mild - Medium

This week, I conclude the presentation of my interview with Marco Vito of Marco V Cigars. Thanks to Marco for the interview, to Stogies on Grand in St. Paul, Minnesota for permitting it during the Marco V event on September 22, and to my son, Eric for technical support. In no way does the granting of an interview influence my reviews. Cigars were purchased by me, not provided by Marco V nor by Stogies on Grand.

Marco spoke of new and upcoming products from Marco V Cigars: “There are so many new cigar makers with new ideas; it is hard to find a bad cigar on the market right now. I am looking at future collaborations with some of those makers. We recently launched a line of infused cigars for a different demographic. The cigars are infused with our Marco V Port and Cognac. That has brought in a lot of women who like the cigars and the demographic that enjoys infused cigars. The infused cigars are small, 5”X30. Our Vintage X Brand, which will house our Premium blends, those that age extra long and those that use very rare tobaccos, will be coming out next year, 2013. We will kick off the debut with an ad in the February issue of Cigar Aficionado. The Vintage X cigars will be Churchills, flat box-pressed, a rectangular shape that feels really good in your hand.”

Wolfie: “Tell me about the Havana Box Pressed.”

Marco V: “We launched that last October (2011). We wanted to come up with something that was different than our other blends. We began our business with three core blends manufactured in large ring gauge format. Then we started making cigars with those same blends in other formats, the Fabuloso and Lancero to satisfy those who wanted a cigar in a smaller size. With the Havana we wanted a unique size. We really liked the way the box-pressed felt in the hand. We managed to get some really stout Havana 2000 wrapper, a wrapper that is really hot right now, a really beautiful wrapper, a Corojo hybrid.”

Wolfie: “I picked up some interesting notes with that cigar. It is a very unique blend”

Marco V: “I appreciate you using the word, unique. That is the word I would use to describe that blend.”

The Havana was one of the prettiest sticks I have ever seen, a finely crafted box-pressed Robusto with a perfect Ecuadoran grown Havana 2000 wrapper. There were no noticeable veins in the slightly oily, slightly toothy wrapper. The aroma at the foot was that of earth and sweet tobaccos.

My cold draw was earthy with woody notes. When lit the smoothness of the smoke was amazing. Oak, roasted cashews and white pepper floated across the palette. I picked up faint raspberry notes that came and went, as did a hint of licorice. The finish was toasty, with oak and cashew notes. The Havana wasn’t very complex, but there were subtle changes that were deliciously intriguing.

The Havana demonstrated the exceptional ability Marco V’s 15 cigar rollers. Each roller has more than 15 years of experience rolling cigars. Using such a small group of rollers to make all there cigars, Marco V is trusting that quality is more important than quantity. The Havana had a perfect draw and a perfect, razor sharp burn. The ash was fairly firm, and almost white in color.

I recommend the Havana highly, a world-class smoke that fits a working man’s budget.