Review on the Brazilian Grand Reserve by Cigar Posse

The Brazilian (Rio) Grand Reserve Review by Cigar Posse

Pre-light: The aroma of the cigar is of a rich coffee, a slight chocolate, and a hint of pepper. A very nice humidor aroma. The wrapper is slick, veiny, almost invisible seams, a double cap, and a color tone of a milk chocolate candy bar. It has a nice dense pack and just a great feel. Wonderfully handmade! A great pre-light appearance.

First third: The first light reveals a nice strong espresso flavor with hints of semi-sweet chocolate, and an arrangement of roasted nuts. The finish is short with a nice pepper tingle and a slick mouth feel. I can already assume this cigar has a little more strength and body than the Platinum Grand Reserve due to the intensity of the flavor notes, the Platinum is a little more subtle. There's just more character in each draw. Right up my alley! It has a nice easy draw that contributes a perfect amount of rich, smooth, and flavorful smoke. The construction is perfect! A razor sharp burn and a nice tight ash, tells the story. So far, a very pleasant experience.

Second third: A nice transition into the second third. Flavors of a sweet cedar has presented itself nicely. The flavors of espresso, chocolate, and the hint of pepper remain consistant. A very well-rounded blend that pleases the palate. The finish remains the same with a nice tingle and a slight sweetness. The construction is masterful, with a razor sharp burn, a solid ash that has held on since the intial light (you can actually see the veins of the wrapper in the ash! Impressive!), and an endless supply of smooth, rich smoke. The strength is a strong medium pushing full. Delightful!

Band point: The ash held on since the initial light and I tapped it off because I didn't want a mess. This is the perfect cigar if your ever in a longest ash contest. The flavor notes remained consistant and have had no further changes. I enjoy the flavors so I have no complaints. The finish is slightly longer that lasts almost till the next draw. The construction is completely flawless! You can tell alot of hardwork and craftsmanship goes into each cigar and I HIGHLY APPRECIATE a company that doesn't take shortcuts. The strength and body remained a strong medium pushing full throughout the cigar. It's an all-around solid stick! At one inch, i'm going to end it due to excessive heat.

 Summary: A nice flavor blend, a nice strength/body, perfect construction, and a great price point, completes the cycle. As a avid cigar smoker, this is what I look for when purchasing stick and is also what I expect. I shouldn't have to spend upwards of $15 USD to puchase a quality cigar. I have yet to find a cigar in this price range that even competes with the Platinum and the Brazilian Grand Reserve, at least in Minnesota. These cigars are a staple im my humidor. They improve over time as well. The cigar I had smoked for this review was aged for two months and are still very good at the date of purchase. If you had yet to smoke one grab one. Take my word for it, you will enjoy it. I rate this a 9.3 out of 10 due to construction, taste, and affordable price point.

Price Point: Around $6 USD. Burn time: 1 hr. 30 mins