The Marco V Crest

Filled with significance, the official seal of Marco V Cigars contains symbols that provide a contextual glimpse into the Marco V Cigars story.

The first symbol that catches your eye is the large "M" which is called the "MARC".

The "MARC" is essentially a representation of our brand. The 3 points of the M (top left, top right, and middle) display a V which represents the 3 foundational aspects of our business:

- Guaranteed quality
- Innovation (the niche)
- Tradition (the blends)

When you pick up any product with the "MARC" on it, you can guarantee that it embodies these three elements. You can also guarantee that you will get your money's worth. We put an absolute premium on quality by going as far as to GUARANTEE the quality on every single Marco V Cigar that leaves the factory.

At the top of the seal you will see a crown.

This crown represents the "Marco V Empire" which is the small busiensses that carry our product. We have 100 unique Premium Tobacconists nationally that sell our cigars that we believe are in line with the mission and values of our company. We do not sell online or in discount catalogs - so this Empire means something special.

The two swords represent our battle to protect the Cigar Rights of America. Our business was launched to empower the tax abused premium cigar smoker. We proved this by launching in a state that observes a 70% tobacco tax.

In the center of the seal, you will see a shield.

Marco literally means defender or war-like. Our goal is to preserve the boutique nature of a business in an industry that is dominated by HUGE CORPORATE TOBACCO CONGLOMERATES.

On each side of the shield you will see leaves.

These leaves represent the tobacco we use. When we started the business, we made a commitment to only use the highest quality tobacco without compromise. All of our tobacco goes through a rigorous inspection process and multiple stage quality control process. All of our tobacco is aged at least 4 years and rolled by professional cigar rollers with at least 15 years of experience each.

Finally, you will see a banner throughout the seal.

This banner connects all of these components listed above. You will see the words "imported" and "handmade" on this banner which is essential to our brand. All of our cigars are handmade and imported from our factory in the Dominican Republic.