Marco V Cigars - August Update

Marco V Cigars - August Update

We often get asked what makes Marco V Cigars different than other cigar brands. 

The answer is in our process.

We control every stage of the cigar making process from seed to smoke. 

We are vertically integrated throughout the entire supply chain. 

From the seeds to the nine-foot-tall tobacco plants, every step is monitored by our Marco V's agricultural experts. Each tobacco leaf section produces a slightly different flavor, so leaves are harvested in small groups to precisely select the flavor of each part of the cigar.

Leaves from every part of the tobacco plant are hung in our Dominican and Nicaraguan curing barns, beginning the leaves' transition into the brown, curled tobacco you see on the inside of your cigar. 

After the curing barns, the leaves are fermented in pilons to remove distracting tastes and enhance the purity of the tobacco. The entire process can take up to a year - time well spent in the pursuit of the best cigars in the world.

We have world class fermentation and strategic aging to get the most flavor out of each leaf.

Each of our cigar rollers has at least fifteen years of experience, guaranteeing that your cigar was made by someone who knows and loves this art. Quality still comes from the hands.

Marco V cigars are aged for up to five years, allowing flavors to blend and mature. This final process paves the way for the smooth, unique taste of every Marco V cigar.

We take this process very seriously and aim everyday to provide the highest quality cigar on the market.

Thank you for your continued support of the brand!

- Marco V