Marco V Cigars - May Update

Marco V Cigars - May Update

May has brought in some perfect weather.  There is something beautiful about being in nature and enjoying a cigar while the sun is beating down with a cool breeze.  Spring is our favorite season as it represents growth and new beginnings.  

In April, John and I went down to our factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic.   It is amazing to see the growth and improvements that have been made from when we started 15 years ago.  We have seen the transformation from an old house with a shed to a full-fledged professional cigar factory.  Here are some pictures:


We are really proud of the progress but acknowlege that the only reason for the growth is because of you.  You have trusted us to be your cigar source and as a result that support has allowed us to grow the business and reinvest back into our factory and quality control processes.


This past weekend, for the Kentucky Derby, we attended one of our favorite events for charity at Monster Brewery in St. Paul.  The hats, attire, and people were phenomenal.

We have a great tasting event at the Chateau St. Croix Winery on June 8th from 4-8pm.   We will be pairing our cigars with our wine.  Here is the link to the event.  Space is limited.

We extend our gratitue to all of you for it is with your unwavering support that Marco V Cigars thrives --without you, we truly have nothing.  Thank you for being the conerstone of our jouney!.


- Marco  V