Sampler Pack

  • Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack


Not sure which Marco V you want to try? Purchase a sampler pack to try a variety!

Gigante Sample Pack (pictured)

1- Diamond's (Mild)
2- Platinum's (Medium)
2 - Gold (Full)

Fabuloso Sample Pack

2- Dom (Mild)
3- Riviera (Medium)

Lancero Sample Pack

2- La Canela (Mild)
3- Seville (Medium)

Havana 5 Pack

5- Marco V Havana's (Medium-Full)


Marco V tobacco plants are grown in Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. They are harvested in primings to precisely select each flavor.

Each Marco V cigar roller has at least 15 years of experience. Quality still comes from the hands.

Aging for at least 1 year allows flavors to blend and mature, paving the way for the smooth, unique taste in every Marco V cigar.