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To commemorate our 10 years in business we have created the Marco V Dieci X which highlights the absolute pinnacle of cigar design. The Maduro X has been designed right into the Habano wrapper of this medium-bodied Gigante. 

Flavor: Deep, dark, rich robust flavor with a base of toffee and brown sugar.

Type: Gigante Especial commemorating Marco V's ten years in business
Size: 60 Gauge x 6"
Wrapper: Connecticut/Maduro

The highest quality Marco V tobacco is classified as Privato. These limited cigars come from Jalapa, Nicaragua, which is home to the best tobacco in the world and has soil almost identical to Cuba. Privato cigars have to be transported via horseback since the farm is only accessible via a narrow dirt road.

Marco V Privato blends contain premium Nicaraguan tobacco from Condega, Jalapa, Esteli, and Ompetepe.

Rated 90 cigar aficionado

Marco V tobacco plants are grown in Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. They are harvested in primings to precisely select each flavor.

Each Marco V cigar roller has at least 15 years of experience. Quality still comes from the hands.

Aging for at least 1 year allows flavors to blend and mature, paving the way for the smooth, unique taste in every Marco V cigar.