Happy New Year from Marco V!

Happy New Year from Marco V!

Happy New Year.   

2021 was a special year for us at Marco V. 

Here were the key highlights from 2021:

  • We launched our first new collection in 10 years called the Privato
  • The Black Sapphire and Dieci X received 90 ratings from Cigar Insider
  • The Black Sapphire received a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado
  • Our Marco V Red premium wine went into full production
  • We reinvested in our core Classico collection by expanding our proprietary aging process
  • Our business grew for the 12th year in a row despite massive macro and micro economic headwinds

We continue to be dedicated and focused on our manufacturing process and supply chain to ensure that we can bring the highest quality tobacco, rollers, and cigars to you every single time.


As we look forward, here are our focus areas for 2022:

  • Expand the geographic reach of our Privato Collection
  • Continue to invest in our Classico Collection
  • Focus and invest in our key retailers nationally
  • Add value through our online only business 
  • Invest in you, the customer, through special tasting events and special experiences both virtually and in person
  • Partner with complementary brands that share our same values and core principles 

None of these accomplishments over these 12 years are possible first and foremost without you.  You finding value in our product and recognizing that we bring something different to the industry is the lifeblood of our business.

We wish you tremendous success in 2022 and hope to see you around!

Thank you!



Marco V