Marco V Cigars - August Update

Marco V Cigars - August Update

When we launced Marco V Cigars in 2009, we started with 3 blends and one size.  Since then we built out our Classico collection, launched the Privato Jalapa Reserve Collection (a premium collection from our Nicaraguan factory), and then launched the Mont Blanc Premium House Blends.  Our goal was to make the Mont Blancs the best value in the cigar industry.  It worked as the Mont Blancs have one of the strongest followings.  However, as with any business, Marco V Cigars is faced with the challenge of rising production costs. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the reasons behind the decision to increase prices on our beloved Mont Blanc cigars.

1. Quality and Craftsmanship:
One of the core principles that Marco V Cigars upholds is a steadfast commitment to quality. From the moment the tobacco seeds are planted to the final stages of production, every step is meticulously executed. Our artisans possess an unrivaled level of expertise, ensuring that each Mont Blanc cigar is a masterpiece. To maintain this level of craftsmanship, we must make adjustments to accommodate rising production costs.

2. Tobacco Sourcing:
The journey of a Mont Blanc cigar begins with the selection of premium tobacco leaves. Marco V Cigars grows the finest tobacco from renowned regions worldwide, such as the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Unfortunately, the cost of growing high-quality tobacco has increased due to various factors, including inflation, changes in import/export regulations, and the cost of raw materials. These factors have contributed to the need for a price adjustment.

3. Regulatory Compliance:
The cigar industry is subject to strict regulations to ensure consumer safety and promote responsible consumption. Compliance with these regulations necessitates investments in research, testing, and adherence to evolving standards. As regulatory requirements become more stringent, the associated costs increase. By adjusting the prices of Mont Blanc cigars, Marco V Cigars can continue to meet these standards while delivering an exceptional experience to our valued customers.

4. Operational Expenses:
Behind the scenes, numerous operational expenses play a crucial role in the production of Mont Blanc cigars. From the maintenance of aging rooms and humidors to the procurement of packaging materials, every aspect of the process requires careful attention. Additionally, factors like inflation, energy costs, and transportation expenses affect the overall production costs. A price adjustment allows us to sustain our operations effectively and maintain the quality that defines Mont Blanc cigars.

The decision to increase the prices of Mont Blanc cigars by Marco V Cigars is not taken lightly. As a brand committed to excellence, we prioritize delivering an unparalleled smoking experience to our discerning customers. Rising production costs, including quality control, tobacco sourcing, regulatory compliance, and operational expenses, have necessitated this adjustment. Rest assured, we remain dedicated to upholding the superior craftsmanship and uncompromising quality that the Mont Blanc cigars are renowned for. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and understanding during this transition.

Reach out with any questions you may have about this increase.  



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